Friday, September 10, 2010

Gayles, Yorkshire - Where Our Story Began

Gayles is a small village in the Parish of Kirkby Ravensworth
(also spelled Kirby Ravensworth), wapentake of Gilling West and liberty of Richmondshire.
It is located approximately 5 miles NW of the North Yorkshire city of Richmond and is nestled in a peaceful valley between the lovely Rivers Swale and Tees. In 1820, the approximate date of 
Jane Hunter's birth, the population of Gayles was 218.


There are only a few streets in Gayles and virtually all houses are built from local stone. The town today would be immediately recognizable to the Hunter and Horrocks families as it has changed little over the last two centuries.

Looking down a street in Gayles toward Ravensworth. The streets rise up the hillside to the west until they reach Gayles Moor. The old stone quarry is located on this slope.
Formerly the village pub, the Bay Horse is now in private hands.
The remains of Ravensworth Castle in located in the gentle valley between the villages of Gayles and Ravensworth. This would have been a daily sight for our ancestors.
The parish Church of St Peter and St Paul located in nearby Kirkby Hill. This is the site of the marriage of Jane Hunter and William Horrocks as well as the church were their children were christened.  Most likely it is also the final resting place for some members Hunter and Handley family.
The timeless landscape of the area surrounding Gayles, Yorkshire.